About Us

Hectare is a digital company that provides an array of services, seamless accommodation, co-working spaces and experiences to tourists, travelers and desired persons. We aim to improve the standard of living in Africa through our digital platform, by connecting people all across Africa, that provides unique spaces and services that are unparalleled, unique and offer comfort to people's everyday lives.

Our mission is to make Real Estate leasing and service delivery as efficient and cost effective as possible, by maintaining the highest level of value proposition; along with providing accurate and updated information, skilled analysis and expert consultation services. We continually explore new ideas and technology to make our services faster, cost effective and user-friendly. At Hectare, we operate a local content market with direct access to what the market presents, the various stakeholders involved and consumers' requirements. All of the above has helped us proffer one of the best ROI on all listings.
Hectare welcomes vendors in Africa to onboard their properties, unique spaces and services on our digital platform.

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